Pay Now or Pay Later: Can You Hire an Unpaid Intern?

With summer here many companies plan to bring on summer interns who are home from college. It’s not uncommon for interns to even approach you about working unpaid because they want the experience. Regardless of the intent, the Department of Labor (DOL) regulates the paying of interns in the way it regulates the pay of all employees.

In January 2018 the DOL adopted a primary-beneficiary test which replaced the previous six factor test for for-profit employers. This new test is more forgiving to employers as it looks at the totality of the circumstances, as opposed to requiring that each factor be met (as was the previous case).

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Independent Contractor Liability Exposure

Despite rapid growth, the gig economy continues to confound businesses and courts alike. An April 2015 study by the U.S. Government Accountability found that 40.4% of the country’s jobs are contingent—up 10% since 2005. Now, just a year after Lyft paid a $27 million dollar settlement to address potential employee misclassification, a court in Philadelphia ruled that, under Federal and Pennsylvania state law, Uber limousine drivers were properly classified as independent contractors (and not as employees). Two similar businesses with two very different outcomes. How can you deal with the risks created by this uncertainty?

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#MeToo. Now What?

During the first 24 hours, #MeToo was tweeted more than 500,000 times and the hashtag was used in 12 million Facebook posts. Facebook reported that 45% of users in the United States had a friend who posted a #MeToo status. So, chances are, you or someone you know can say “#MeToo.”

Conversations around sexual harassment, #MeToo, responses by Hollywood and D.C., and so-on have continued.  Through the conversations sparked by #MeToo, it has become obvious that historically sexual harassment victims have been told or feel they should be quiet and tolerate it.  Yet sexual harassment is always illegal. What should you do if you have been or are the current victim of sexual harassment?

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Sexual Harassment and What to Do About It

The start of a new year in the world of employment law is always busy. Companies, like people, often set goals for achievement with their personnel or training. That makes this the busiest time of year for employment training. The calls for the 2018 new year have focused on protecting against sexual harassment complaints. Just pick up a newspaper, turn on the news, or scroll through Facebook, and it’s easy to see why. So what is sexual harassment, and what can you do to protect your company from a sexual harassment complaint?

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