Barbas Cremer Helps Clients Understand Complex Legal Issues in an Uncomplicated Way.  

Barbas Cremer provides clients with an honest, cost-effective, and creative approach to legal issues. Terin matches an intimate level of understanding of each business and individual with a truthful and competent assessment of their issues. How can we help you?

If you are a business and looking for someone to assist with...

  • policy and contract drafting
  • advice when making important company decisions
  • strategic planning services
  • support during negotiations and contract disputes
  • business planning solutions, from conception to completion
  • representation during mergers and acquisitions
  • ongoing legal guidance to protect your business’s bottom line
  • reductions in force
  • noncompete agreements

Rely on Sound Advice Based on Both Legal and Business Experience

Companies of all sizes need business lawyers.  However, most small and midsize companies do not have the assistance of legal counsel readily available. Today’s business environment is extremely complex, and it is vitally important that all companies, regardless of size, have access to legal counsel and understand their legal rights.

Legal issues are rarely black and white. In addition to experience as an attorney, Terin served as an in-house corporate executive HR leader. Trusted partnerships with C-suite executives helped forge her practical problem-solving skills. An MBA degree from Florida State further bolsters Terin's unique combination of legal and business credentials, making her a great resource to help you and your team make well-informed business decisions.

Terin's solution based approach isn't: “No, you can’t do that.”

Instead, it's: “Let’s work together to find a solution that works for you and fits the law.”