When a crisis interrupts your business, Barbas Cremer can help you manage an issue or an event in ways that minimize its effect on your company, your reputation, your employees, and your customers.  The risks and consequences of an unexpected, or catastrophic event can halt businesses altogether and negatively affect the bottom line. In previous roles Terin oversaw litigation as well as communications and public relations in the face of crisis.  How can Barbas Cremer help you?

If you are a business and looking for someone to assist with...

  • investigating the crisis in real time

  • developing operational strategies for investigating and responding to a crisis

  • developing media communication strategies to assure you get the right information to the right people

  • developing legal strategies for minimizing liability in the event of injuries or business disruptions to your customers

  • responding to customers’ concerns

Leadership during a crisis.

When a crisis strikes, you need a person who knows how to solve the problem and will take the necessary steps to do so. Inexperienced leaders can make rash decisions, or not react at all in hopes that the situation will work itself out. You need to intervene before the situation escalates. If you are looking for help managing a crisis, Barbas Cremer is experienced in handling a variety of crisis situations.