Many executives and employees realize they need to develop an exit strategy before leaving a job. Most have not been in this situation before. Despite a wealth of business experience and expertise, they can profit from professional representation in navigating and negotiating a successful transition.

Considering Leaving Your Present Employer? Common Questions Arise

  • How much severance should I get?
  • Will I get my annual bonus?
  • What about deferred compensation?
  • Will I get paid for my unused vacation?
  • What about my vested and non-vested equity-based compensation?
  • Will I continue to receive health care coverage and life insurance?
  • Do I have a claim of discrimination or other legal claim?
  • Is the non-compete I signed enforceable or negotiable?
  • What about references?

A Positive Start with a New Employer Is the Other Half of the Equation — and Just as Important

The best time to negotiate terms of employment and other details is at the outset of a new job or a new assignment. Clarifying and documenting mutual understandings can bolster your success, reduce future conflict, and provide peace of mind. Not only for you, but also for your new employer.

A Firm with the Experience and Expertise to Help You

Areas in which Barbas Cremer can provide you with legal advice and solutions include:

  • Employment agreements
  • Severance and Separation Agreements
  • Non-compete agreements and other restrictive covenants
  • EEOC charges and other claims
  • Executive compensation
  • Benefits

Anchor a Fresh Start with Expert Representation

Terin's law-firm experience is bolstered by years as corporate in-house labor, benefits and employment counsel, providing guidance on executive and employee departures. This mix of independent and corporate legal experience gives unique perspectives you can harness to your advantage.